Pheno Hunt By: Diem Farms


Zkittlez x Purple Punch


Indica dominant


9-10 weeks


Potency Test:

THC: 29% (indoor)

THC: 27% (indoor)

THC: 26% (indoor)

THC: 25%, 25% (indoor)

THC: 23% (indoor)

THC: 22% (indoor)

THC: 21% (indoor)

THC: 20%, 20% (indoor)


Yield: moderate (indoor modified sea of green)


Scent and flavor: sweet, berry, floral


Feels like: happy, relaxed, sleepy


Diem's Description:

Diem Farms is coming in strong with some killer genetics!  An Oregon favorite and a Leafly star came together to produce this stellar indica strain.

Thanks to Purple Punch and Zkittlez, this plant produced gorgeous buds with shades of green, bright orange pistils, hints of purple, and a thick layer of white crystal trichomes. You can expect some heavy hitting indica effects to envelop your mind and body and place you in a state of ultimate relaxation.  You shouldn’t use this strain if you have things that need to be done, but if you’re looking for a way to unwind, you’ve found it. You’ll experience some mental euphoria as the Zkittlez brightens your mood, but the heavy-handed relaxation from Purple Punch creeps up and leaves you in a state of comfort you’ve only ever dreamed of.  You’ll find good results when using this strain for depression and anxiety, and may even find some relief from common body aches and insomnia as you sink deeper into your couch.


*potency test results provided by our customers with our cuts

*multiple results provided by different farms with the same cut

Zurple Punch

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    *Do not operate heavy machinery under the influence of this drug.

    For use only by adults twenty-one years of age or older.

    Keep out of reach of children.

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