Pheno Hunt By: Diem Farms


Strawberry Banana x Papaya


Indica dominant


9-10 weeks


Potency Test:

THC: 30% (indoor)

THC: 28% (indoor)

THC: 27%, 27%, 27%, 27% (indoor)

THC: 25% (indoor)

THC: 24% (indoor)

THC: 23%, 23% (indoor)

THC: 22% (indoor-B Buds)

THC: 18% (indoor)


Yield: heavy (indoor modified sea of green)


Grow Difficulty: intermediate


Scent and flavor: sweet, fruity, strawberry


Feels like: euphoric, happy, relaxed


Diem's Description:

This harvest of the hybrid weed strain comes fresh from our team at Diem Farms.  This strain is a terpene powerhouse that has crazy powerful scents of sweet strawberry due to its 2.49% terpenes. The fruity masterpiece hosts over 30% THC and gets its great taste from Strawberry Banana and indica Papaya.  Two of those combined lend a tasty, aromatic profile of sweet berries and guava.  When treating yourself to this flavorful flower you can expect a wave of fast-acting euphoria to tackle depression and anxiety that soon gives way to a relaxing sedation.


"We really liked this strain, it was very vigorous and lush." - customer feedback


"We loved this, the scent is amazing, the buds are giant and dense, the plant itself is small and squat." - customer feedback


"It yielded great, tested great, had great trichome coverage, great overall bud size." - customer feedback


*potency test results provided by our customers with our cuts

*multiple results provided by different farms with the same cut

Strawberry Guava

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    *Do not operate heavy machinery under the influence of this drug.

    For use only by adults twenty-one years of age or older.

    Keep out of reach of children.

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