Pheno Hunt By: Diem Farms


Papaya x Purple Punch


Indica Dominant


9-10 weeks


Potency Test:

THC: 30%, 30% (indoor)

THC: 29% (indoor)

THC: 28% (indoor)

THC: 25%, 25% (indoor)

THC: 24%, 24% (indoor)

THC: 23%, 23% (indoor)

THC: 22% (indoor)


Yield: Heavy (indoor modified sea of green)


Scent and Flavor: Sweet, Berry, Tropical


Feels Like: Creative, Happy, Relaxed


Diem's Description:

This fresh indica strain is straight from the wonderful hands of the Diem Farms team.  This indica takes a ton of flavor and some serious power from its parents, Papaya and Purple Punch.  Like every Purple Punch cross, this stuff has a great berry flavor along with some super relaxing qualities.  The Papaya’s tropical flavor isn’t lost, though, rather it lends to this fruity concoction, creating a pleasurable hit every time.  The initial high tends to hit sort of like a sativa, inspiring creativity and boosting your mentality.  As that wears down you get a relaxing feeling that settles you into comfort no matter where you are. Indulge in that comfort too long and this strain will knock your lights out in just a punch or too.  Take a sip at the end of a long day and get through your evening with ease and tranquility.


*potency test results provided by our customers with our cuts

*multiple results provided by different farms with the same cut

Papaya Punch

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