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Breeder/Seedbank: Humboldt Seed Company


Genetics: Humboldt Reserve OG x Legit OG x SFV OG


Type: Indica (70/30)


Smell: Classic and undeniable OG Kush smell


Flavors: Alpha Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene


Appearance: Silver and green, frosty, covered in trichomes, does not turn purple


Effects: Really strong, possible couch locking effect


Harvest planning: 60 Days (October 1st – October 15th)


Growth: Very heavy yielder for an OG, flowers are dense and productive


Potency Test:

THC: 20-27% (Humboldt Seed Co. Results)

THC: 32% (indoor)

THC: 30% (indoor)

THC: 28% (indoor)

THC: 23% (outdoor)

THC: 16% (indoor)


Yield: heavy


Grow Difficulty: difficult



Greenhouse - High

Dep - High 

Outdoor - High

Indoor - R&D stage needed


Kaprikorn's Description: 

Kaprikorn OG is an indica dominant plant with that likes to stretch. She grows tall with 3-4" tight top colas, and internodal spaced buds beneath. Proper topping and trellis training is a must with this strain, especially if you want to try to keep her on the shorter side. She will have trouble supporting herself as her large buds start to dense up, so extra support during flower is a must. Kaprikorn OG won't require much pruning--some light defoliation should be plenty. Better suited for indoor or greenhouse grows, but will do well outside with proper extra support. Kaprikorn OG is a more difficult strain to grow due to her OG traits.


Humboldt Seed Company's Description: 

A Phenotype Mega-Hunt winner, 1 out of 600 of our best Humboldt Reserve OG seed plants, in our 10k plant pheno-hunt. Kaprikorn OG showed the kind of vigor that today’s markets demand. In Humboldt Seed Company’s re-creation of the classic, and permanently in demand OG Kush strain, they used DNA analysis to assess their progress toward a true bred OG. Kaprikorn OG doesn’t have the downfalls associated with the years of battery that come along with the classic OG clone. This version has stronger stems, is slightly shorter flowering, and appears to be much more vigorous, productive and pest resistant. Perfect for greenhouses, outdoor full season, indoor and light deps Kaprikorn OG has shown stability against mutation and hermaphrodites. You’ll be as high as Mt. Hood after just a few tokes of this masterpiece made of cannabis history and hard work by Humboldt Seed Company.

Kaprikorn OG

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    *Do not operate heavy machinery under the influence of this drug.

    For use only by adults twenty-one years of age or older.

    Keep out of reach of children.

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