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Breeder: Humboldt Seed Company


Genetics: Blueberry Muffin


Type: Sativa (I/S: 30/70)


Smell: Crazy Sweet Candy Extremely High Terpene Content 


Flavors: Berries and Apple 


Appearance: Green Flowers, dense trichomes


Effects: Uplifting


Flowering Time: 50 Days (Sep 20-Oct 1st)


Humboldt's Potency Test Results:

THC: 18-25%


Customer Test Results:

THC: 27% (indoor)


Growth: Vigorous, Internodal: Disconnected, Density: Dense


Performance: Greenhouse/High, Dep/High, Outdoor/Average, Indoor/ High


Humboldt Seed Company's Description:

This is an amazing strain for unique terpene production and was selected from 10 thousand plants because it smelled like nothing we had ever experienced before. Smelling like a candy shop and absolutely gushing terpenes, this clone only strain is available through Kaprikorn Clones exclusively. Stand out from the rest of the folks in the jungle with Gorilla Berries!


Aroma unlike anything I've ever grown. Huge shout out to Kaprikorn Clones for everything they provided...amazing genetics, crystal clean clones and extremely good vibes - customer feedback


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